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When you are looking for jobs as an experienced software developer, just like the other, you will need a good start when entering the job market. There are hundreds of application that also want to land their dream job as soon as possible. So be sure to take the right actions, such as knowing your main abilities, it can significantly increase your chances of being hired, as well as make the search less stressful. Besides making efforts to stay positive, think about how you will need to change your strategy up after a month or two of looking. You can begin to refresh your Curriculum Vitae layout as well as their format, even it’s just a piece document, it actually considered as one of the essential part of getting a job in the most effective ways.

Polishing your curriculum vitae or resume won’t make you feel disappointed at all! In fact, this is so important to every job search. An amazing and winning CV should highlight every abilities you have, such as:

  1. Qualification / Certification
  2. Computer Programming / Coding
  3. Logical Thinking & Problem-solving
  4. Developing Your “Soft Skills”
  5. Patience & Attention to Detail
  6. Written Communication






Meanwhile, besides the stunning design and to support those items in above, you will need a strong format to be able to show case your profile. There are 3 major format out there and one of them is Skill-based format, like in this page. This template will be able to provide you a good foundation to write your personal detail and can be fitted into one page CV.

Download CV Templates

How To Download

If you want to keep this template design and use them as your CV design, these following instructions will helps you:

  1. Move your mouse pointer onto the “Download” button in above this guides
  2. Click those button and wait for a second, because a new Google drive page will appear
  3. Then click the download icon (Drop-down Arrow) on the top right section
  4. Locate where the template will be saved in your device
  5. Finally, your download process will begin shortly.
  6. Check your default download / selected location and open them using Corel draw or Adobe Illustrator.


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