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The wide range of the market, makes finance industry becomes one of the most in-demand field in job market, almost 70.000+ students are from Financial and Business students. However, finance industry is a professional field which covers and deals with investment, assets, liabilities and money management. That’s why landing a job at financial company isn’t easy and definitely very competitive than the other field.

As a finance professionals, you will need a good strategy in order to get a higher chance of getting hired by your dream company. Well-designed and formatted CVs can truly help you in getting the attention of your prospective employer. Luckily for you, we have a well-designed Curriculum Vitae and it’s free for you! Now you have a stunning CV that can attract the recruiter’s attention, then for the next step is – explaining your past experiences as well as your qualification by writing them in our provided sub-list/bullet-list. In addition, this template wasn’t specifically made for certain job or position – so feel free to use our well-formatted CVs!







Download Instructions

If you’re wondering on how to download these organized Curriculum Vitae, before you go, I will say thank you for visiting us and using our latest CVs collection, hope we can meet in another opportunity! To download the template, please follows these instructions:

  1. Click The Download Button (Underneath This Instructions).
  2. You will be directed to Google Drive page.
  3. Move your mouse pointer to the top-right section of the page.
  4. Click the drop-down button (Download).
  5. Wait for a while – Then locate where the file will be saved in your device.
  6. Tap “Enter” to start the download process.
  7. To gain access on our template, you will need to open them using Adobe Illustrator or Corel draw.

Download CV Templates

Quick Tips

Do you want to hear a little bit of secrets? If so, I’m going to tell you something secret that will increase your chances of getting a job! Take a look at these following tips and apply this tricks when you do your job-interview next time. Here they are,

  • Q) : What are your strong points?
    1. : When asked questions about your abilities, avoid bragging. Instead, give three of your strong points and how they have benefited previous employers, focusing on answers that would also be of benefit to the company your interviewing for.
  • Q) : What are your salary expectations?
    1. : It’s important that before you attend job interview session, you got some preparation for this question. If you were pleased with your previous salary, state that as your current standard and express your willingness to negotiate the salary.
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