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If you are the one who wants to get into the working industry without having any experience related to the company’s requirement, but have the required educational background and qualification – then check out our well-designed Curriculum vitae. In our page you will also get some very helpful tips in writing your CV as well as another tricks to increase your chances of passing the job interview process.

Features and Tips

This following templates is free for personal use, everyone can pick this design as their CV layout, from fresher to experienced banker – there are hundreds upon hundreds template waiting for you! Anyway, you might have a question about “why I didn’t get pass the job interview? Am I bad? If so, then this following items will help you. Here they are:

  • Before you attend the job interview, you’ll need to prepare this one,
    1. Research & Research (Get every information about the company).
    2. For example, the company’s history, values, mission, competitor, etc.
    3. Learn their “flow” and Note the point.
    4. Make a couple list of questions.
    5. Practice those question and your speaking skills.



  • Another good aspects that you’ll need to bear in your mind:
    1. Plan your transportation.
    2. Wear a formal suit and nice shoes (If need – you can brush them).
    3. Bring some wet tissues or handkerchief to wipe your oily hand & sweat.
    4. Greet the recruiter and do handshake to show your respect.
    5. Sit in normal position or maybe you can try to lean a lil bit forward.
    6. Provide examples when answering the question.
    7. Avoid to answer and ask (too) personal question




Download CV Templates

How to download

Do you want to keep this template as yours? Relax, you can follow this instruction. Here they are:

  1. Click the download button (Above this instruction)
  2. Wait and Click Drop-down Arrow when G-drive page appear
  3. Locate where the template file will be saved in your computer
  4. Tap “Enter” on your keyboard to start the download process
  5. Edit the template using Adobe Illustrator or Corel draw
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