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Your graduate school curriculum vitae is the essential part in any successful job search. The reason is – they are emphasize your background education and specific skills, rather than mentioning your barely minimum working experience. Create a well-written Curriculum Vitae (CV) that is tailored to the position advertised and reflects your most impressive qualifications and achievements. Remember folks! Most recruiter won’t spend their time to only scan your document, can you imagine that the employer need to ready each applicant’s CV? Of course they don’t do that, they will do a few glance and get those information as their evaluation.

In addition, before you dive right into designing and writing CV, you should know what to include in your graduate student CV. This following item will demonstrate the basic information about how to write your profile and divided them into three sections. This one will increase your chances of landing a job for sure. Okay, let’s get started,

  • Layout / design

    • For this one, we are highly recommend you to use our CV template, it has a good formatting layout, both Chronological and Functional Format.
    • Six different color options and customizable (Ai File)
    • Works well with any job position
  • Writing Short Personal Information

    • Give a little/short summary (70-100 words)
    • Add your contact information



  • Highlight all relevant experience

    • Other than professional experience, recruiter or employer are interested in volunteer work and internships that you’ve completed, especially if you recently graduate from college or school.
  • Showcase your skills

    • Your curriculum vitae should include a skills section that highlights any of these (technologies, communication, and other skills that relevant to you as a Graduate student)



Increase your chances of getting your dream job using our stunning Curriculum Vitae design.




How To Download

We hope our professional guides could help you landing your first job! Anyway, if you want to use this template design as your CV design, you can take a look at these following instructions:

  • Scroll down the page and Move your mouse pointer onto the “Download” button in above this instruction.
  • Click the button, wait for a second and new Google drive page will appear
  • Then click the download icon (Drop-down Arrow) on the top right section
  • Locate where the template will be saved in your device
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