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Nowadays, not only for College students, but also high school students must market their experiences, skills, achievements, as well as another qualifications to step early in job market. It’s very useful for students, because they can prepare many things before entering the massive and competitive working industry. For example, if you have an interest in producing songs, you can slowly building your interest while taking a study, learning the basic melody and so on. With those steady experience, you write them in your Curriculum vitae, so in the future, your CV will contains a good information as well as you already had “experiences” even before you finished your study.

Another steps for you to take is writing your Curriculum vitae, as I’ve mentioned it in above, your experiences and qualifications will and must be written in your CV right? Yeaah. Therefore, that’s why both you and I here. You can take a look at these High School Student CV, it looks good, doesn’t it? Besides how stunning it was, this templates has minimalist concept and Hybrid Format to support your career as an entry level worker. Write your profile in the designated columns, each columns has their own function and was designed with the latest trend in the job market.






How To Download

  1. Scroll down the page and Move your mouse pointer onto the “Download” button in below.
  2. Click the download button and wait till the Google drive page appear
  3. Then click the download icon (Drop-down Arrow) on the top right section
  4. Locate where the template will be saved in your device

Download CV Templates

For additional information, in order to increase your chances of getting a job, you have to learn and practice. We’ve made a simple short-course for you to follow, learn, and practice and get ready to land your dream job pals!. Here they are,

8 ways to improve your communication skills!

  1. Self-improvement your knowledge. (At least the Basic)
  2. Simplify and stay on your message. (Mostly around 200 words)
  3. Attract your listeners to focus on you. (E.g. Give them some examples)
  4. Don’t rush (Take your time to respond & understood)
  5. Self-improvement your listening skills
  6. Practice your Gesture or body language.
  7. Maintain eye contact.
  8. Respect your audience.
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