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How to write a good Curriculum Vitae?

In order to apply your first job after leaving your school isn’t easy task to deal and you have zero experience to promote your “selling points”. Relax, every beginning is daunting for some reason, so you have to walk those paths no matter what. Therefore, to start your career as a leaver, firstly – writing your Curriculum Vitae would be your first task and luckily for you, we have already designed a bunch of template designs and tips to help you land your first job.

Our well-designed and formatted CVs are not only help you to get a good first impression with its “look”, but they are also able to accommodate your “Profile” information and deliver them to the recruiter or hiring manager. In addition, we make our template in six different types of color to give a “fresh look” and (as I’ve mentioned it) get the recruiter’s attention to read your profile.







Download CV Templates

Download Instruction

  • Scroll down the page and Move your mouse pointer onto the “Download” button in above.
  • Click the download button and wait till the Google drive page appear
  • Then click the download icon (Drop-down Arrow) on the top right section
  • Locate where the template will be saved in your device
  • Finally, your download process will begin shortly.

Useful Tips

Besides the fact that stunning CV can give you a good result, you still need to write down your profile in the most attractive way, like using powerful adjectives, eye-catching words and story. You can take a note at these following items on what to include in your folks! It’s free for you and get ready to put these items in yours.

  1. Computer/Tech Skills. Include software and program expertise, especially if you are fresh graduate student and this day, youngster is able adapt with digital technology faster than before.
  2. Any related skills or qualification that match with the company’s requirements. Let your skills / abilities speaks up for you.
  3. Certification and Training. This part could be representing your confident and the development process of your career and profession.
  4. Adaptation. Note your ability to work with different groups of professionals and able to adapt with the “harsh” pressure from working industry. Ideally, they indicate a successful outcome that resulted from collaboration with others (Company).
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