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Which is the best resume format for a Fresher?

According to statistic, many freshers tends to pick Chronological Format to organize their past job experiences and qualifications into a perfect organized CV. In addition, there is a combination of both Chronological and Skills-based format, and this one is called as Hybrid format. Using this Ultimate format will not limit your written, even you just started your career as a “fresher”, and instead of selling your “experiences”, you can accommodate your “Study” and “Skills”.

To give you a better understanding, in below – we have got some sample of strong CVs which has Hybrid format. As you can see, this template was an example for IT Freshers, but still – everyone can use them in their CV. This Curriculum vitae designs are able to emphasize and Guide you, who is lacking significant work experience. Besides that, any template in our site will come in handy – Ai Format – so you are able to customize it from A to Z and even you can pick your favorite colors from our (six) provided colors.


Free CV Templates For IT Freshers With Red Accent


Free CV Templates For IT Freshers With Gray and White Accent

Job Interview Tips

Here are some tips or guides to answer “Why do you want this job?” question:

  • Seeking a career that is challenging and interesting. A job that gives me opportunities to learn, innovate and enhance my skills. (Give Example)
  • To path your career and achieve the high career growth through a continuous process of learning and commitment. (Give Example)
  • To become an excellent in almost every aspect and give tons of contribution to the company, especially developing and showing your great teamwork skills, leadership, problem solver and so on.


Free CV Templates For IT Freshers With White and Green Accent




Free CV Templates For IT Freshers With Blue and White Accent


A good or strong Curriculum Vitae brings you a far better chances than the “outdated” CVs to grab the recruiter’s attention and as well as winning a good first impression from them!

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