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There are many variables when it comes to the exact skill set that is required to fill any given job vacancy, especially working in wide range of Industry. From Semiconductor Industry at Silicon Valley – to Pharmaceutical Industry in Europe, there are certain desirable skills and requirements that are almost every companies demanded this for job applicants and employers to have.

As I’ve mentioned in above, every career sector and profession you choose to work in, there could be very specific skills, abilities and knowledge needed to do the job. You will need to show off your key abilities like, Communication and Great Team work, and How do you accommodate them? and turns them into big advantages for you? The answer is kinda simple tho, you should write a professional Curriculum Vitae and include those items in a strong formatting layout. Then, let them do the rest!

In this page, we’ve already designed a perfect template for you and completely free folks! and here we tell you exactly what they (Recruiter) are looking for in your CV, here they are,

  • Unique Design/Presentation. (Minimalist & 6 Color Options) ☑
  • Organized Format. (Hybrid Format) ☑
  • Accommodate every detail of your “profile” ☑
    1. Objective Statement
    2. Language Skills
    3. Contact Information
    4. Soft Skills and Technical Skills
    5. Educations, Certifications
    6. Professional Experiences
    7. References and Achievements


Free CV Templates For Industry With Red and Black Accent


Free CV Templates For Industry With Grey and White List


Free CV Templates For Industry With Green and White Background


Free CV Templates For Industry With



Free CV Templates For Industry With Blue and Gray Accent

Vrezum Tips

Besides that, we have a useful tip for you. You should answer these following question and keep practicing to increase your chances for being hired by the employer. Here they are,

  • Q) : What are your strong points?
    1. : When asked questions about your abilities, avoid bragging. Instead, give three of your strong points and how they have benefited previous employers, focusing on answers that would also be of benefit to the company you’re interviewing for.

Download CV Templates


  1. Click the download button (Above)
  2. You’ll be directed to Google Drive page
  3. Any templates in our site comes in Ai format (Open with Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw).
  4. In a single Zip file (Easy to download)
  5. Move you mouse pointer onto the top right until you see “Drop-Down Arrow”
  6. Click that button and Locate the download folder
  7. Tap “Enter” to start the download process
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