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Writing your first CV could be daunting task to deal with. For fresh graduated students, you are about to face a major problem in writing a strong CV, because at this moment you don’t have enough experiences and qualifications to be shown off to the recruiter or employer. Instead of thinking about your content, you can consider to design your CV layout with stunning design in order to get their attention first.

In this page, you are about to see our new collection. This template design is free though! Meanwhile, this templates have six different color options, comes in Hybrid format (Combination of Chronological and Skills-based format). These things are extremely easy to use, since it’s editable and has Ai format – so you can write down your profile and do a little customization on it using the designated software like Adobe Illustrator or even Corel draw app.


Free CV Templates For Job Interview With Red Accent


Free CV Templates For Job Interview With Minimalist Design


Free CV Templates For Job Interview With Portrait

What’s the benefit?

Your trajectory and background will be presented through a well-organized layout/format, we use a perfect combination of both Reverse-Chronological Order and Functional Format, so that they become a new and Ultimate format to showcase your qualifications. Think broadly about everything you have done in medical school and what skills you can brings as a Junior Doctor and write them into your new CV layout.

Free CV Templates For Job Interview With Orange Accent

Quick Tips

In this guide, as we have mentioned every details in designing your own CV. We also got some tips for you. Write those items in your CV to increase your chances to get a nice first impression. Here we are:

  • Write down your most recent job
  • Explain you role and responsibility for each job you’ve faced
  • How you solve every problems?
  • What is your biggest achievements to date?

Free CV Templates For Job Interview With hybrid format


Free CV Templates For Job Interview With blue accent

Download CV Templates

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A winning Curriculum Vitae could open another potential opportunity, as the recruiter won’t spend their entire to review your whole Job Application, and but instead they will read your summaries through your organized CV.  For this reason, this one is often referred to be one of the most crucial steps taken during a job search. If you want to keep this one as your CV design,  just read the above instruction and click the download button.


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