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What is a CV?

Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) should be a compact summary of your studies or background education as well as another accomplishments. The goal of writing a winning CV is to provide the reader (Recruiter) with a well-organized overview of your career history. During the job search, CVs are often used for more than just a formal information, this one also applied to Junior Resident Doctor who is participating in a GME program and training in a specialized area of medicine.

We’ve got a little recommendation for you as a professional CV designer, to give you an overview of awe-inspiring CV design, please take a look at this following CV templates:


Free CV Templates For Junior Doctor With Chronological Format

What’s the benefit?

Your trajectory and background will be presented through a well-organized layout/format, we use a perfect combination of both Reverse-Chronological Order and Functional Format, so that they become a new and Ultimate format to showcase your qualifications. Think broadly about everything you have done in medical school and what skills you can brings as a Junior Doctor and write them into your new CV layout.

Free CV Templates For Junior Doctor With Gray Accent


Free CV Templates For Junior Doctor With Green Footer

Bonus Points

          Include these following items in your CV, to increase its value as well as your chances to nail a good first impression. Here are 3 elements that you should include,

  1. Employment Experience (If there is any)
    • List the position, organization, and dates of employment for each work experience. (only medical occupation).
  2. Extracurricular Activities
    • List your side-activities that related to medical services and interests. (E.g. as a volunteer service or conduct extracurricular activities).
    • These help develop a bigger and better picture of your personality traits and character.
  3. Publications and Achievements
    • List any papers or journal that you’ve published since your academic year and after you applied to your residency status.


Free CV Templates For Junior Doctor With Orange



Free CV Templates For Junior Doctor With Blue Accent

Download CV Templates

This template wasn’t exactly made for specific job or position, everyone can use them as their CV layout. To download this stunning template, you can follow our guides. Here they are,

  1. Click the download button,
  2. Then click the download icon (Drop-down Arrow) on the top right section
  3. Locate where the template will be saved in your device
  4. Finally, your download process will begin shortly.
  5. As a reminder, our template has AI file extension, and compressed into a single Zip file.
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