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You might get an interview with a generic CV for a lower-level position, but that strategy would never work the same as it was if you want to apply as managers at kitchen. A kitchen manager is responsible for the overall operations for the back of house and kitchen area of a restaurant. However, you need an objective statement and well-formatted CV to support your career progression.

We can help you get a closer look how can a stunning and well-organized document will gives you a higher chance for being accepted by the hiring manager. When it comes to Manager in any field, both of them are hired for a specific reason, so you will need a specific Curriculum Vitae to support you.

Unlike the regular CV, you should write your CV in a strong format. As an example, pick the Hybrid Format – if you are someone that have a lot of working experiences and achievement. It sounds great, doesn’t it? Absolutely. Fortunately, we’ve already designed you a stunning CV which is perfect to start and continue your career page.


Free CV Templates For Kitchen Manager With Red Footer

Do you want some tips? Read the whole article, because at the end you will get to know our “weird” tips to pass job interview test.

Free CV Templates For Kitchen Manager With Minimalist Design


Free CV Templates For Kitchen Manager With Chronological Format


Free CV Templates For Kitchen Manager With Dark Background


Free CV Templates For Kitchen Manager With Blue Accent

Download CV Templates

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Using this templates, you will get tons of advantages. From a stunning design, organized layout, well-formatted and – Although this CVs comes in template design, you can still do a lot of modification or customization. Here are a few list of them,

  1. You can pick your favorite color to resemble your personal traits.
  2. Not limited to certain job position. Everyone can use our template for free
  3. Comes in Adobe illustrator (Ai) format, so almost every details in our templates can be personalized to match them with your preference.
  4. There are Skills Traits, both language and your main skills/abilities. Rate your skills and I can guarantee you that the hiring manager will focus on your CV.
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