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Store keeper is the important person for the store. They are in charge of keeping and maintaining the control of the store department. In addition, you will also be responsible for ensuring everything is correct under your surveillance as well as providing proper documentation to record the data, such as making lists of suppliers and logistics.

To smoothen your path in landing a job as a Store Keeper, guide the recruiter to the conclusion that you are the best candidate for the storekeeper job. The answer is actually very simple dudes! Tailor your curriculum vitae by picking relevant format and stunning design, like what you have seen below and then write your profiles on it. This way, you can position yourself in the best way to get hired.


Free CV Templates For Store Keeper With Minimalist Design


Get hired at your dream company using our provided CV templates. This template comes in six different styles and also, to make it easier for you, we’ve made this template in Ai-format + Zip file, so you can download all of them at once and personalize each “sections” on your own. To access the file, you will need to open them using Adobe Illustrator or even Corel Draw app if you have already been familiar with.


Free CV Templates For Store Keeper With Grey Accent


Free CV Templates For Store Keeper With Green Banner


Free CV Templates For Store Keeper With Orange Charts


Free CV Templates For Store Keeper With


Free CV Templates For Store Keeper With Graphic Stats

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Besides the fact that stunning CV can give you a good result, you still need to write down your profile in the most attractive way, like using powerful adjectives, eye-catching words and story. You can take a note at these following items on what to include in your folks! It’s free for you and get ready to put these items in yours.

  1. Computer/Tech Skills: Include software and program expertise, especially if you are fresh graduate student and this day, youngster is able adapt with digital technology faster than before.
  2. Any related skills or qualification that match with the company’s requirements. Let your skills / abilities speaks up for you.
  3. Certification and Training. This part could be representing your confident and the development process of your career and profession.
  4. Note your ability to work with different groups of professionals and able to adapt with the “harsh” pressure from working industry. Ideally, they indicate a successful outcome that resulted from collaboration with others (Company).


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