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Curriculum Vitae or known as CV is a professional document that was created by job applicants to apply job. Whether, you are a fresh graduated student or professional Banker, this document is one of the most favorable option to showcase their capabilities and experiences. For many reason, it is often referred to be one of the most crucial steps taken during a job search.

In this page, you are about to see them, our latest CV collection, this template was made as an example of CV that can be used for LibreOffice. Without any restrictions, our template is free for personal use only and you can still do much everything on it, because each “Section” and “Bullet-list” has their own layer. For those who doesn’t know anything about layer, it’s pretty simple, imagine you have a book, and each page will be called as Layer – it means, each page/layer could be customized without any restriction.


Free CV Templates For Libreoffice With Minimalist Design

What’s  the benefit of our CVs?

Recruiter or employer will value your experiences, qualification as well as your education by reading or scanning your CV, that’s why you need a strong CV. As shown above, all of this template has a stunning Minimalist Design and Format, so the employer can get as many information as possible only in couples of minutes. In addition, we also provided a bunch of options for you to choose or you can download all of them at once by clicking the download button at the end of the article.


Free CV Templates For Libreoffice With Personal Traits and Grey List


Free CV Templates For Libreoffice With Objective Statement

Make sure to see more templates and download them for free, click here to browse more.


Free CV Templates For Libreoffice With Orange Accent


Free CV Templates For Libreoffice With Header and Footer


Free CV Templates For Libreoffice With Blue Accent and Graphic Charts

Download CV Templates

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Additional Tips

Increase your chances on getting a job using our tips as your manual book. Here they are:

  1. “Explain yourself.” (Choose 2-3 of these following answer and explain)
    • I am passionate about my work.
    • I am ambitious and driven.
    • I am highly organized.
    • I am an excellent communicator
    • I am results-oriented
  2. “What are your biggest strengths?” (Choose 3-5 of these following answer and explain)
    • Knowledge-based skills
    • Personal Traits
    • Creativity
    • Discipline
    • Dedication
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