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You probably have a good idea to write your own CV for the next job opportunity. A good CV must contains the key point of your experiences, education, and qualification, because if you write down every details on your CV, instead of emphasizing it into bulleted-list, you are going to lose the chance of getting a good first impression from the interviewer. In these following page you are going to see our freshly designed template and you use them to decorate your CV’s layout, and we also have some tips regarding how to increase your chance to be accepted by improving your CV content and format.


This template was designed in six different types of color, pick the best one and get ready to input your personal information. Meanwhile, to edit this template you will need to run editing software such as, Adobe Illustrator and Corel draw. These template comes in reverse-chronological format, if you haven’t know about this type of format, you can read the explanation in below. As you might have heard, a good CV layout should include these following formats,

  • Reverse-Chronological Format
    1. Pros:
      1. Visually Appealing design
      2. Highlight your qualification and skills (Bulleted-List)
    2. Cons:
      1. Require Extra effort to choose the design
      2. It’s not ideal for career changer
  • Can’t fit the detailed information
  • Skills-based Format
    1. Pros:
      1. Good for explaining in details of your past experiences, achievement and qualification.
    2. Cons:
      1. Most of the time, it can’t fit in to one page, and the interviewer or recruiter will find it hard to scan your key “selling points”.







Download CV Templates

In a nutshell, the best and the most commonly used format for CV is Reverse-Chronological Format, much likely in our template design. To get a higher chance you will need an extra effort and stunning design. If you want to use this template design in your CV, you only need to scroll down the page, move your mouse pointer onto the “Download Button” above this paragraph, wait for a second and new Google drive page will appear, then click the download icon (Drop-down Arrow) on the top right section and your download will be started shortly. The file will be compressed into a single Zip file and there are six different types of colors templates, so you can match them with your personal preference.

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