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Whether you are just graduating from dentistry field or you have already been working for five years, sometime an established dentist looking to change practices, and for that reason you will need a professional Curriculum Vitae to help you to stand out among the other professional applicant. A winning CV should breakdown of all your skills and qualifications. It is essentially a selling tool that can help you to get a good impression from the employer that prized you with the next interviewing process. The essential key is writing down your experiences and qualification in a short explanation with relevant example.

To craft your own CV layout, you will need a good design and most of them were spread throughout the internet like in our lovely website. In our site, you can browse various types of templates design and feel free to use it on your CV design. Whether you are someone who had been spent 10 years of experiences in medical field, or students who had recently graduated from their school, everyone can pick and use our template. This templates design has comes in Ai file-extension or format, so you will need some editing software such as Corel draw or the designated software (Adobe Illustrator), and our collections will have six different types of colors.







Want some tips for your upcoming job interview? Take a note on these following tips and tricks, and get ready to jaw dropping the recruiter. Here they are,

  1. Doing research on the company.
  2. Learning their Value, Mission, Vision, Culture, and so on
  3. Preparing the material and keep practicing
  4. To improve your speaking skills, you can try speak in front of mirror or you can ask your friend or family to help you and acting like the recruiter.
  5. Make a good impression in the first five minutes. Some studies told that interviewers make up their minds about candidates in the first five minutes of the interview, and the rest of the time, they will spend their time only to confirm that you are going to be able to get through the gate.
  6. Be proactive and Relax when explaining your information. Don’t get too fast.


Download CV Templates

If you want to use this template design as your CV design, move your mouse pointer onto the “Download Button” above this paragraph, wait for a second and new Google drive page will appear, then click the download icon (Drop-down Arrow) on the top right section and your download will be started shortly. As a reminder, our template has AI file extension, and compressed into a single Zip file and there are six different types of colors templates, so you can match them with your personal preference.

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