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Are you looking for something fresh for your Data Analyst Curriculum Vitae? If so, you have come to the right place. In our site you can browse various kinds of template design and format for your CV. Luckily, in these day we got something for you, these template could save your time in designing your CV, especially if you want to do it from the scratch. We have designed our Curriculum vitae in Chronological format. A stunning chronological CV helps employers quickly understand the value of your most recent and relevant work experiences. Just because employers may only spend a few seconds on each resume, prioritizing the most recent information helps ensures your experience gets caught their attention.


Meanwhile, a strong Curriculum Vitae can gives you a good result, you still needs to point out on how you answer the most common job interview question. It seems difficult right? Nope, with this following tips, for sure you can grab their attention with your flawless answer. Here a few things that you can prepare for your next interview,

  • Tell Me About Yourself.
    1. This question seems simple right? But don’t get it wrong, so many people fail to prepare it, and it’s crucial. Don’t explain your entire information, and instead give them an explanation about your scope on future opportunity and talk a little bit about your background.
  • Why Do You Want This Job?
    1. Explain your key factors that make these role are perfectly fit for you and give them some example like (e.g. “I’ve always been passionate about data analyst, and I think could stands out with my past experiences and gives a good result, so I want to be a part of it”).





Download CV Templates

How to download

Do you want to keep this template as yours? Relax, you can follow this instruction. Here they are:

  1. You will see download button in the end of article / above this instruction
  2. Click them and a new page will lead you to Google Drive page
  3. To download the file (in a Zip File) – Move your mouse pointer to the right bar until you see “Drop-down Arrow or Download Button” near the “add a comment” button.
  4. Click them and tap your Enter key
  5. Your download will be automatically started and you can open them using Adobe Illustrator and Corel draw.
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