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Experienced candidates like Dentist and entry level job seekers bring different qualifications to the table, and each applicants in each category gain benefits by creating and designing their Curriculum vitae. A strong CV that shows off their particular abilities or strengths. For example, most Dentist candidates have many professional track records from medical instance as well as from their study, but they do also have tons of ambition, passion, energy and some achievements that support their abilities to conduct their practice.

Dentist, by all means, still need a good Curriculum format that sell every detail of their qualifications, what they’ve accomplished, and what they’ve learned along the way. Use this experienced CV template to show off your whole professional career and get ready to have a good first impression from the recruiter. This template has six different types of color and Ai file-extension format. You will need an editing software such as Adobe Illustrator and Corel draw to edit them and write down your profile. Please make sure to read the entire article, because in the end you can get some useful tips on How to make a good impression in job interview.







If you want to use this template design as your CV design, you only need to scroll down the page, move your mouse pointer onto the “Download Button” below this paragraph, wait for a second and new Google drive page will appear, then click the download icon (Drop-down Arrow) on the top right section and your download will be started shortly. As a reminder, our template has AI file extension, and compressed into a single Zip file and there are six different types of colors templates, so you can match them with your personal preference.

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Quick Tips for Impressing Your Job Interviewer

  1. Practice speaking (It may seems useless, but it does help you make a good impression.)
  2. Wear appropriate interview attire.
  3. Don’t go into the interview without knowing anything.
  4. Review the job description.
  5. Don’t panic
  6. Take a deep breath and wipe your sweaty palms.
  7. Have a good handshake and smile.
  8. Show your enthusiasm.
  9. Explain your selling points
  10. Share how you are a great fit for the job.
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