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Good CV = Great Results

People who work in the fields of auditing perform wide range of task and various capacities, such as writing financial reports, preparing tax documents and ensure that companies comply with tax laws. Auditing professionals can work directly for companies or act as a consultant. With their wide range of capabilities, sure they want to take a role in a higher level company, like Apple Inc. Who doesn’t want to work at Apple? Of course everyone will be very happy if they could land a new job at this level. Meanwhile, to support your various kinds of experiences as well as your qualifications, you still need to impress the recruiter with a good CV design.

A good or strong Curriculum vitae gives you a better first impression than the old-school CV layout or format. These days, most employer will take a glance and determine “how potential you are” only through your organized CV. Luckily, in this page you can get those CV for free! And comes in AI format, so you can edit or write down your profile using a simple app like Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator.








How to download

Do you want to keep this template as yours? Relax, you can follow this instruction. Here they are:

  1. Click the download button (Below this instruction)
  2. Wait for seconds, because a new Google Drive page will appear
  3. Then Click Drop-down Arrow (Near “add a comment” menu)
  4. Locate where the file will be saved
  5. Tap “Enter” on your keyboard
  6. Now your download will be processed right away

Download CV Templates

Additional Tips

As an additional information, these following tips about might be increasing your chances when taking a job interview and get accepted by the recruiter. Here they are,

  1. Preparing for the test
    1. Learning the job requirement.
    2. Knowing the company’s values and needs
  2. Taking the test
    1. Come prepared (much likely to make sure you get some meal before taking test and study a bit on the material related to the upcoming test)
    2. Stay alert and focus
  3. Understanding the purpose of the test
    1. Be prepared for any result
    2. Try to put yourself in recruiter and employer’s point of view.
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