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What to include in your curriculum vitae?

You might had a question about what makes the whole design of your Curriculum vitae could be so important to make a good impression for employer as well as leads you to a good result. If you’re trying to land your dream job, you will need a creative professional resume that puts your detailed summaries in the first place. Hope these straight-forward answer can help you.

There is a lot of template design out there, you can browse and get them through the internet, but if you don’t have enough time or confidence to craft it with your own idea, you can use our template design to get in to the resume construction process. This templates design are not only specifically designed for a certain position, but everyone can use these template as their CV design. Using our resume template saves you hour and hour, as you only have to fill them up with your own details and it’s already comes in AI file extension/format, so you can simply edit them using Corel draw or Adobe Illustrator and add your words and get ready to send them out to the recruiter.







Download CV Templates

Download Instructions

  1. Click the download button (In above this instructions)
  2. You will be directed to Google Drive Page and you will see “drop-down arrow”
  3. If you can’t find them, move your mouse pointer to the right bar until you see “Drop-down Arrow” near “add a comment” menu.
  4. Click them and Locate where the file will be saved
  5. Now your download will be processed right away

Useful Tips

These following tips will give you an idea on how to show your perfect abilities or qualification in job interview and stands out among the rest. Here they are,

  1. Doing research on the job description
  2. Learning the company’s value, cultures and another aspects.
  3. Practicing your speaking skills in front of mirror and rate yourself
  4. Doing research on what skill do they want you to have?
  5. If you don’t have enough knowledge on those skills, learn from the internet, at least you have a good preparation.
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