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How to draft an organized CV for Chief Executive Officer (CEO)?

By far, the most essential thing you can do in your job search is to carefully evaluate each job you’re applying for. Whether you want to apply as a Manager or even at the higher level as a CEO of small company, you have to qualify yourself and write them into an organized Curriculum Vitae that sell your “selling points”. When you find a posting you like, ask yourself if it’s a job you’re qualified for and actually want to do. Besides that, you can take a look at our CVs collection, there are hundreds of option that you can pick them as your CV’s layout and format.

When you’re in the middle of a job search, it may feel like you’re increasing your chances of getting a job if you apply for as many jobs as possible. For that reason, we suggest you to pull off another chance that might decrease your value in the recruiter’s perspective. This CV templates will help you for sure, it comes in six different types of color as well as Ai file-extension format – so you can personalize them to suit your taste folks! And please remember that, our collection is completely free for personal use and wasn’t specifically made for certain job, and instead everyone can pick them as their CV’s design.







Meanwhile a strong Curriculum Vitae can give you a good result, you still needs to point out on how you answer the most common job interview question. Here is one thing that you can prepare for your next interview,

  • Tell Me About Yourself.
    This question seems simple right? But don’t get it wrong, so many people fail to prepare it, and it’s crucial. Don’t explain your entire information, and instead give them an explanation about your scope on future opportunity and

Download CV Templates

How to download

Do you want to keep this template as yours? Relax, you can follow this instruction. Here they are:

  1. You will see download button (Above this instructions)
  2. Click them and a new page will lead you to Google Drive page
  3. To download the file (in a Zip File) – Move your mouse pointer to the right bar until you see “Drop-down Arrow / Download Button”
  4. Click them and tap your Enter key
  5. Now your download will be processed right away
  6. This template has Ai file-extension format, so you’ll need to run editing software, such as Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw, to open them.
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